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London Masterclass on September 23rd 2016

Raising the value of your work

Are you a "client servant" or "client partner"?

Book: The Courage to Ask

By John Niland & Kate Daly

Practical tips to raise the value of your work

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We work with professionals to get higher value work.

Key Shifts

From: Client-servant relationships

TO: Client-partner (peer-to-peer) conversations

From: Effort-based fees (e.g. Billing by time)

TO: Higher, value-based fees, well above average

From: Time spent on promotion and marketing

TO: More referrals via partnerships and alliances

From: Reacting to the client’s beck-and-call

TO: Credibility, presence and self-worth, using insight & story to lead the client

From: Endless strategising, “sophisticated procrastination”

TO: focused, energised daily achievement

October 3, 2016 in Blog, Independent Professionals, Insights

Service or Servitude?

The lady approached me hesitantly with a troubled look on her face. I had just delivered a keynote in London on the topic of “Are you a Client Servant or Client Partner?”,…

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June 28, 2016 in Blog

Trusting yourself

How do your build trust? Cognitively (via the head) or affectively (via the heart)? Which is your primary mode of trust-building? Perhaps the person that it’s most important to trust…

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June 26, 2016 in Blog, Independent Professionals, Insights

5 Classic Mistakes in Negotiation

Everyone negotiates. Negotiation is not just a skill for diplomats; it’s for everyday life, both at work and in relationships. So what happens when negotiation skill is absent? Here are some…

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