Workshop: Using Insights to Show Your Value: Nov 24th in London

Confidently defend higher pricing through demonstrating value to your clients. 


The Dilemma 

No matter what your expertise is, you can be sure that there is more competition than ever before. This leaves a service-provider with essentially three options:

1) be cheaper, which unfortunately creates a race to the bottom, or

2) more responsive and service-oriented, which unfortunately creates “servant relationships” with clients, or

3) provide the highest possible quality of service, which can unfortunately leave them vulnerable to the first two groups: particularly in the eyes of certain hungry purchasers.

What to choose? Many professionals try to be all of the above: often exhausting themselves in the process. In the end, we all have to make choices.


The Solution 

The best way to combat this competitive world is value-selling. One of the sharpest tools in the value-selling toolbox is your insights. Essentially, this is how you educate your clients about many things: particularly the consequences of buying cheap. Your insights set you apart from other service-providers. It’s your insights that often determine whether or not you get a second meeting.

In this workshop Transform your pricing: Using insights to show your value we test our insights, within the company of 15-20 peers. Each participant will get an opportunity to present his or her insights and have a peer review with other professionals, who also sell services and expertise on a value basis… and who have experience with this approach.


The Workshop

As part of the workshop, receive the following:

1)   a clear definition of what an insight is: including five tests that most so-called insights simply fail

2)   the opportunity to rehearse your insights before attending, so that you can check your insights against these five tests

3)   the opportunity to present your insights to 15 peers and receive feedback

4)   real examples of how insights have “swung” value-centred sales, narrated by the participants

5)   how to deal with buyers who are not interested in being educated

6)   tips on how to build strategic-alliances and ambassadors, who share your insights on your behalf, thereby extending your reach

7)   a one-to-one coaching session afterwards with John Niland



Cost is £475 plus VAT which includes lunch materials and a one-to-one, individual coaching session with John, after the Masterclass, to ensure the highest value from your participation. The course will take place in central London from 9AM to 5PM on Friday, November 24th. 15 total spaces available. 


Pam ( will be in touch with payment details

About John

John Niland has been coaching, speaking and consulting on Value-Centred Selling for the last 17 years and is a renowned speaker at international conferences, professional meetings and webinars. John blends humour and practical tips to energise an audience. John’s expertise lies in teaching others how to defend a premium price and in optimising conversations with clients.

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