When you fully grasp an approach based on value,
it transforms the way you sell and communicate your expertise


Across most professional sectors there are three unmistakable trends:

1. Commoditisation of services, where clients expect more and more at less and less cost
2. More pre-sales effort in a hesitant marketplace, with clients often re-tendering work to collect ideas, which then get implemented in-house
3. Constant need for innovation: reinventing services, keeping a step ahead of client need

A value-centred approach enables a company to command premium prices, counter commoditisation, steer clear of servant relationships and innovate at the level of service, not just at the level of product-development.


Today’s independent professional faces several challenges:

To be more compelling, particularly in crowded markets;
Being respected as a partner by your clients and not just their servant;
To have a lot more energy, to stay ahead of ever-more-demanding clients;
Getting others telling your story and opening doors for you;

So that you can focus on key clients vs. constant marketing and self-promotion.


“We have referred ~85 management + business consultants to John’s business VCO Global over the years. Feedback has been outstanding: higher fee rates achieved, more client enquiries generated and a higher proportion of working days spent engaged on billable client assignments. Do take the time to contact John if your living is made selling your expertise as a consultant or other professional adviser.”

- Tony Restell / (Top Consultant)

With the support of VCO Global, Schuman Associates has worked successfully on a range of key essential practices over seven years: the ability to see wider context, a practice-led flexible team structure that maximises collaboration, creating external partnerships, energising people, winning business through collaborative alliances, being thought-leaders with clients. It’s an investment that continues to repay us.

-Gerard McNamara / (Schuman Associates)

We have particularly appreciated the support of VCO Global in reinforcing a value-centred approach to consulting skills. Even our most experienced consultants have found this both refreshing and practical.

-Cheryl Coulby / (Bluefin Solutions)

I’ve worked with John on several occasions and his practical approach on how to build lasting and successful business relationships is first class. Ideas and examples he has given have stayed with me for many years, and been very easy to put into practice. He understands how technical consultants think in the companies I’ve worked for and offered clear route maps to help them build client relationships.

-Graham Munday / (WSP Environment and Energy)

John’s ability to get to the core issues and to offer practical solutions sets him apart as a coach and mentor. He is a real thought leader and his genuinely value-centred approach, particularly when it comes to sustainable marketing, has helped our business grow.

-Barry Wilkinson / (Wilkinson Read)

“John spent two very informative days with us at JCP Solicitors, working with a cross section of staff, who are taking part in an ongoing programme. John is personable, knowledgeable and gets his message across with great humour. I would thoroughly recommend his services.”

-Tracey Sullivan / (JCP Solicitors)