Workshop on Value Centred Selling – Friday 9th June in London

Many professionals hate selling. Even those who don’t now find themselves struggling in a changed economy, where purchasers are all too adept at pitting suppliers against each other often in pursuit of lowest price.

In this one-day Masterclass in London, we focus on the sales aspect, rather than the pricing aspect (the subject of the Autumn Masterclass).

In this workshop, we will be working through a structured approach to sales, with the objective of differentiating you from other service-providers and enhancing the probability of winning the sale.

– Essential Preparation, what insights are you bringing to the meeting

– Making a connection with the customer

– How to broaden an interview into a wider needs-discovery

– How and when to reframe requirements, so that you are in charge of the agenda

– Exploring options and budget

– Use of story to deal with objections

– Closing and double-closing

The session will be co-facilitated by John Niland and Jonathan Clarke, a former Global Sales Director of several hi-tech companies.

Cost is £575 plus VAT which includes lunch materials and a one-to-one, individual coaching session with John or Jonathan, after the Masterclass, to make sure you get best value from your participation.

Given that personal coaching is included, places are limited. For further information, or to book your place, email Pam:

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