Asking Powerful Questions in First Meetings

Most professionals — and people in sales — know about the power of questions, the importance of listening and getting into the client’s shoes. Without these basics, there is not much basis for trust. When it’s our turn to be the buyer, don’t we at least want a professional who is curious about us and our issues?

However, how many professionals put conscious thought (and preparation) into the questions that they ask? Most of the time, people make up the questions as they go along. Or perhaps they just ask the minimum questions needed to scope the project.

There are three solid reasons to give some thought to your early “discovery” questions:

  • Differentiation: It’s an opportunity to distinguish yourself from other advisers and suppliers
  • Pricing: You will often uncover valuable information that will help you with budgets and pricing, and
  • Trust: You establish yourself as a trusted advisor and not just a servant in the relationship

On our next VCO Webinar, we will…

  • Describe some situations where great questions swung a meeting in favour of a professional
  • Distinguish between content-questions (for information) and context-questions (to uncover value)
  • Provide some examples of great discovery questions
  • Describe a process to brainstorm fresh discovery questions

Brainstorming for great questions – rather than answers – generates breakthrough insights and unlocks fresh creativity. For those of us in sales, it also builds deeper relationships and creates useful reframes with customers. On this webinar, we will take a fresh look at context questioning with new prospects, or even existing customers who request further work from you. A recording will be sent to all registrants after the webinar.

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