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3 Webinars on How to: Stay Ahead of Your Clients, Update Your Pricing Model &
Keep in Touch with Your Clients in a Human-friendly Way

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Note: If you cannot make the live webinar, a recording and slides will be sent the following day of each webinar. Don’t forget to check out the Masterclass on Value-Centred Business Development, happening in London on November 16th, information below.

How to Stay Ahead of Your Clients
Wed, Sept 26, 12PM GMT

If you want to charge more for your services, build long-term relationships and assert your position as a trusted advisor, it’s important that your clients see that you are one step ahead of them.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

> What IS “one step ahead” from your client’s perspective?
> What NOT to do (that many often do)
> Laying the groundwork: Exactly what to say to position yourself as “one step ahead” in first meetings
> Breathing fresh life into existing client relationships

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Claim Back Your Time (Don’t Charge Daily/Hourly Rates)
Wed, Oct 17, 12PM GMT

It’s so easy to charge based on the time by the hour or by the day. But there are four compelling reasons why you should NOT do so. In my work with professionals over the past 18 years, one of the key measures that has enabled many to double and triple revenues is getting rid of day-rates.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

> Four reasons to abandon time-billing
> Better alternatives that will increase your revenue
> Examples of optimal pricing models
> Common questions that arise
> What to say when the client (or agent) asks “What is your day rate?”

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Human, Friendly (and Human-friendly) Ways to Stay in Touch
Wed, OCT 31, 12PM GMT

How many of those GDPR policy updates did you opt-in to? This neatly illustrates what we really think about many so-called “keep-in-touch” mechanisms. All too often, they are a burden: both for the sender, as well as the recipient.

This webinar is an invitation to think outside the box.

We’ll cover:

> What do people respond to these days?
> 10 fresh ideas to jumpstart your client connections
> The power of alliance partners: often neglected
> Practical initiatives you can do with alliance partners
> Some tips for one-to-one keep-in-touch
> Recommended platforms to help you stay in touch

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Workshop on Value-Centred Bizdev

A day set aside for you and the future of your business. Putting plans into practice ahead of 2019.

Fri, Nov 16, 9AM – 5PM GMT, London

One of the most frequent questions I get about value-centred biz-dev is:

“How does this all fit together? I understand the need to stay ahead of the client, value-centred pricing, the power of value-centred selling and even strategic alliances… but what do I need to do, week-by-week, to upgrade my business-development in the year ahead?”

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