Why value-centred selling is transforming consulting

When you fully understand the concept of customer value, it creates a sea change in the way you sell, market and design consulting services. VCO has been working with companies and independents for over 25 years and draws on a wealth of hands-on expertise as well as pioneering several areas of original research.

Being Value Centred, is a simple concept and it really works. Here’s a real example, narrated by Magnus Josephson, a long-term client of VCO based in Sweden, who has built a superb reputation as Sweden’s no 1 expert in public-sector procurement. In a meeting with potential buyers, Magnus was challenged on his fees: “Mr Josephson, we’ve spoken to four providers and you are the most expensive”. Magnus replied “I certainly hope so” and went on to win the business.

Applying our Value-Centred Principals, our clients have discovered that they are securing more business and at a premium price. As a basis for all our sales training, it has been shown that, unlike many sales techniques which do not apply to all personality types, Value-Centred Selling is readily grasped and used by the whole team.