Why value based selling is transforming the Industrial & Engineering Sector

Why do a few companies manage to outstrip the market, obtaining greater market share and a price premium?

Analysis has shown that leading companies achieve outstanding results by bucking the general tendency for suppliers to adopt a highly technological focus when selling. Rather than reeling off a list of technical advantages, many Market Leaders focus on Value for the customer instead.

When you fully understand the concept of customer value, it creates a sea change in the way you sell, market and design products and services. VCO has been working with companies for over 25 years coaching them on how to adopt a more challenging approach to sales, sharing insights, which educate the customer and in doing to move from a Master Servant to a Partner Relationship.

With the rise of professional buyers, who quickly reduce all USPs to an apparently flat playing field, never has there been more reason for companies to take a fresh look at their sales skills. VCO draws on a wealth of hands-on expertise as well as pioneering several areas of original research. Our clients are discovering that they are not just securing more business but they are also displacing established competitors and at a premium price. They are building senior-level relationships based on the outstanding value that their customers get from them.