How value-centred business-development boosts revenue

Over the past ten years, the cost of business-development have climbed significantly: both in terms of time and money. In the case of a coaching- or training- firm (or independent professional) this can be summed up as three significant shifts:

  1. From relationship-assignments to more procedural procurement. The days when a business will hand a coaching contract to someone they met at a business-breakfast last week, are well and truly  numbered. OK, this sometimes happens, but it’s the exception, not the rule.
  2. From one meeting with a decision-maker to multiple discussions with multiple potential providers, while all the time the client gathers intelligence and often ends up doing a lot of the work in-house. Or not at all.
  3.  From a pre-defined programme to a framework contract, whereby the clients call off different services as-and-when needed, often with considerable last-minute rescheduling where the provider bears the brunt of the chaotic change.

By applying our value-centred approach, coaches and trainers ensure they are not coming into the relationship as the client’s servant. It’s vital to establish this early-on; long before any specific contract is agreed. Otherwise, the professional is run ragged by the endless change of development priorities, or the constant requirement to do more with less.