Accelerating your career

There are a wide variety of reasons who professionals seek career-coaching from VCO, rather than from other coaching organisations. Chief among them are:

  • the wish to find meaning in work — not just success
  • boosting energy — not just managing time
  • setting (or influencing) the agenda — not just responding to the agenda of others
  • developing client-acquisition skills — not just client-management skills
  • powerful story-telling — not just presentation skills
  • developing real confidence and self-worth — not just self-esteem

The VCO approach to career-coaching is as value-centred as any other aspect of our business. After 15 years of coaching work, we consistently find that when professionals are focused on creating value for others (whether that value is economic or human) then their careers accelerate naturally and confidence grows.

If on the other hand, a coaching relationship simply deepens self-preoccupation and narcissism, then the effect is often to deepen anxiety, self-obsession and over-dependence on the opinion of others.

Therefore our coaching approach is characterised by challenge: asking career professionals to think beyond existing horizons, to expand their capacity for action and hence to create more value for the organisations in which they work.