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Resources on Optimising Client Conversations

Resources on Price Negotiation

Resources on Finding Time & Energy

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Resources on Optimising Client Conversations

Questions to ask in a prospect meeting

A list of openers, operational questions and business questions to be able to craft a proposal with your client.

Client Servant or real Client Partner? Take the Test!

What does your day-to-day behaviour tell your clients about you? Answer these questions and learn how you come across.

Opportunity Conversations

Co-authored in Sept 2013 with Peter Smith, one of the UK’s leading authorities on procurement. These 36 pages take an in-depth look at the conversations that create opportunity. Enter details to receive the e-book link.

Resources on Price Negotiation

How (NOT) to Defend a Premium Price

4 pitfalls to avoid and what to do instead.

How to Stop the Blind Duel in Pricing

Real life examples on how to tackle the price question.

Resources on Finding Time & Energy

Managing Time & Motivation

Advice from 2018 on Managing Time and Motivation. Tips on managing your engagement or energy.

Hidden Value

A short ebook about how most people’s value is invisible. Contains the famous “value-conversation”. Enter details to receive the e-book link.

100 Tips to Find Time

Written 12 years ago, but we still get asked for it. Probably in need of a rewrite … when I find time! If you leave your name and email, the download link will be delivered to your email.

The Energy Inventory

How is your energy level? The Energy Inventory is a comprehensive stocktake of your energy habits, which addresses six energy sources:

Physical stamina: the raw fuel for your day
Environmental energy: your surroundings
Mental focus and agility
Emotional energy: how you feel
Social energy: your connection with others
Purpose and meaning: the “why bother?” question

It’s not a quick quiz, as you might find in a magazine.
This inventory takes about an hour to review and complete. So make yourself your favourite drink, and enjoy!