Our current research focuses on how B2B sales continues to evolve. This project — started back in 2013 — has been instrumental in giving our client’s a competitive edge, for example:

  • presenting their value-proposition in a more compelling way
  • defending premium fees
  • dislodging established branded competitors
  • dealing with sophisticated procurement practices

There have been some surprises, too. That’s the thing about genuine research; you never know what you are going to find! For example, we’ve discovered that:

  • while relationship-builders are still great at opening doors, they are not so good at closing sales. Surprise!
  • One of the hidden benefits that comes with focusing on customer value is confidence. Much more powerful than affirmations about the self!
  • The most common reason why professionals fail to apply optimal sales practices is partly skill-based, but above all is habit-based. It seems to love to repeat what we’ve always done… even when we know it’s not working!

If you would like to take part in these conversations with John Niland or with Jonathan Clarke, you are welcome to get in touch.