Is Your Business Value Centered?

Five questions to ask before quoting a price

Anyone can charge less; it takes skill to charge more – to defend a premium price. How do you lay a solid basis for a premium fee in your early dialogue with the customer?

Client Servant or real Client Partner? Take the Test!

What does your day-to-day behaviour tell your clients about you? Answer these questions and learn how you come across.

Opportunity Conversations

Co-authored in Sept 2013 with Peter Smith, one of the UK’s leading authorities on procurement. These 36 pages take an in-depth look at the conversations that create opportunity. Enter details to receive the e-book link.

Hidden Value

A short ebook about how most people’s value is invisible. Contains the famous “value-conversation”.  Enter details to receive the e-book link.

100 Tips to Find Time

Written 12 years ago, but we still get asked for it. Probably in need of a rewrite … when I find time! If you leave your name and email, the download link will be delivered to your email.

Successful Professionals

120 pages covering marketing, pricing, time-management for professionals in any country, with illustrations and examples from the lives of from real-life practitioners in Belgium. To obtain your copy, please email me your postal address and I will email you payment details. (£15 plus VAt and P&P)

The Energy Inventory

How is your energy level?The Energy Inventory is a comprehensive stocktake of your energy habits, which addresses six energy sources:

Physical stamina: the raw fuel for your day
Environmental energy: your surroundings
Mental focus and agility
Emotional energy: how you feel
Social energy: your connection with others
Purpose and meaning: the “why bother?” question

It’s not a quick quiz, as you might find in a magazine.
This inventory takes about an hour to review and complete. So make yourself your favourite drink, and enjoy!

14 hacks to save time AND boost energy

As I travelled back to work after the summer vacation, I did my planning as usual, this time on the train from the west of Ireland to Dublin. As I still had a 90min flight to Brussels, I set myself the challenge of coming up with some useful shortcuts that not only save time, but also raise energy levels. Here’s my first draft. What works for you?

Ready to take the full energy inventory? Want to do some work on your energy levels?
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