Raising the Value of You

Many people desire success. Some want better jobs, many want better pay.  Most of us want to be better at doing something. So what holds us back?

Sometimes, it’s circumstance. We live at a time of unprecedented economic and personal upheaval. Many talented people find themselves in circumstances they never imagined.

Self-worth vs Self-esteem

This is when self-worth is all important. Self-worth is how we intrinsically value ourselves, no matter what our circumstances happen to be. Even on those days when our reputation with ourselves (self-esteem) is at its lowest. That’s when self-worth gets tested.

When you possess real self-worth, you are not obsessed with proving things to yourself. An unconditional sense of your own worth gives you a new lease of happiness and freedom. You develop energy and stamina. You recover quickly from setbacks and develop confidence that you can develop and grow. You are not afraid of people or situations, because you trust your power to deal with them. Being able to say Yes and No, you negotiate with new clarity and confidence. Your relationships improve. You tackle hitherto difficult tasks with fresh energy and purpose. And your self-esteem grows too… precisely because you are not chasing that objective.

The Self-Worth Safari Weekend in Portugal

The Self-Worth Safari is a pilot project, Its objective is to empower participants to switch from self-esteem to self-worth, as a basis of life and work. People with a deep sense of self-worth make better leaders, determined professionals and courageous negotiators.

Join us for a weekend in beautiful Sesimbra, Portugal for the next Self-Worth Safari. Learn more here: