VCO workshops are both original and thought provoking, in fact very much in line with the “Value Centred” approach to business we advocate. Covering a wide range of subjects from “Selling at a Premium Price” which is broadly applicable to all, to more tailored training for specific business sectors.

At the core of all our modules is the understanding of concept of customer value and once grasped this really does creates a sea change in the way you sell, market and design your products and services.

VCO has been working with companies and independents for over 25 years and draws on a wealth of hands-on expertise as well as pioneering several areas of original research.

Being Value Centred, is a simple concept and it really works. Here’s a real example, narrated by Magnus Josephson, a long-term client of VCO based in Sweden, who has built a superb reputation as Sweden’s no 1 expert in public-sector procurement. In a meeting with potential buyers, Magnus was challenged on his fees: “Mr Josephson, we’ve spoken to four providers and you are the most expensive”. Magnus replied “I certainly hope so” and went on to win the business.

Applying our Value-Centred Principals, our clients have discovered that they are securing more business and at a premium price. As a basis for all our sales training, it has been shown that, unlike many sales techniques which do not apply to all personality types, Value-Centred Selling is readily grasped and used by the whole team.


"The story technique was really enlightening. By far the best sales course for consultants I have ever attended."
"Reframing adds a vital step in the negotiation process. I've not seen this before and I can see how it can really add to our credibility."
"Superb... well worth the investment. Thanks for a great day."