When People and Businesses place “Value” at the Centre of what drives them; then a transformation occurs.

As Michael Porter describes: In addition to outperforming the market, there is a shift in many business Leaders and Corporations towards a sense of “Shared Value”. It is not just giving. By aligning charity and strategy, corporations find that the this engages with employees, investors and customers, strengthening the business’ competitive edge whilst contributing to a greater social good.

At VCO we practice this sense of Shared Value through our work with an organisation called EFTC (Education for the Children This charity really embraces our understanding of Shared Value seeking to address extreme poverty through empowering children rather than just give hand-outs. In a nutshell these amazing people have set up the School of Hope in Guatemala, a Primary and Secondary School that educates 475 children and works with disadvantaged children and their families to break the cycle of poverty through education.

It is part of our mission to connect people and business with causes such as EFTC both at home and abroad. VCO’s offering to its clients includes the potential to send employees to locations such as Guatemala where they can learn valuable sales skills as well as contributing to a good cause. Research has shown that besides greater retention of new knowledge, productivity and staff retention increase markedly.